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  1. NMR and MRI related tools and short programs
  2. Advanced NMR Spectroscopy
  3. Understanding NMR Spectroscopy - The Solutions and Figures
  4. A Life in NMR: Interview with Regina Schuck, VP and General Manager of Agilent Research Products Division
  5. Understanding NMR Spectroscopy
  6. A Simple Device for Cleaning Many NMR Tubes Simultaneously
  7. In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy: Principles and Techniques - The Solutions
  8. NMR Knowledge Base's Original Tips & Tricks
  9. Understanding NMR Spectroscopy
  10. A Primer on LC/NMR/MS
  11. NMRCentral
  12. NMR Training
  13. Lecture on Introduction to NMR
  14. Lecture on protein structure determination by NMR
  15. Lecture notes - pratical NMR
  16. Lectures on NMR Spectroscopy and Protein Structures from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  17. Computational prediction of three-dimensional protein structure from NMR chemical shifts - Kai Kohlhoff
  18. Protein Structures by NMR
  19. NMR in Structural Biology - Alessandro Pintar, Protein Structure and Bioinformatics, ICGEB, Trieste
  20. NMR Spectroscopy for Microbiologists - David Wishart, University of Alberta
  21. Protein Structure Prediction: Threading & Homology Modeling - Thomas Steinke
  22. NMR: Basics: Spin, Isotopes, Couplings, FTNMR - Alexej Jerschow
  23. NMR of paramagnetic proteins - the Biophysical Society
  24. Fundamentals of NMR - Thomas L James
  25. Precision and Accuracy of NMR Structures - PSI
  26. Introduction to NMR - Yeditepe University
  27. Protein NMR: Assignment Structure Dynamics - Columbia University
  28. Protein NMR Spectroscopy
  29. Another lecture by Gregg Siegal - NMR and Structural Biology
  30. NMR Spectroscopy - Gregg Siegal
  31. Organic Chemistry Q&A session, University of Sydney
  32. Guillermo Moyna's NMR lectures
  33. Dartmouth University NMR lectures
  34. Workshop on Biomolecular NMR Sample Preparation - Wolfson College, Oxford
  35. Prof. Richard Neutze's NMR lectures
  36. Prof. Walter Chazin's classnotes on biomolecular NMR
  37. Validation of NMR-derived protein structures, Chris Spronk
  38. Michael Sattler's teaching material
  39. Cornell University's Protein NMR Spectroscopy lectures
  40. Fully Automated Protein NMR Structure Determination - ATNOS, MATCH, ASCAN and CANDID - Dr. Torsten Herrmann
  41. Oliver Zerbe's Lecture Course in NMR Spectroscopy - online
  42. Guide to NOE Experiments - The ANU NMR Centre
  43. A Guide to Structure Prediction, by Rob Russell
  44. Duke University's NMR lectures
  45. Structure Determination of Protein Complexes by NMR
  47. Binding Kd calculation and simulation from NMR data
  48. Tim Logan's lecutre notes for Macromolecular NMR Spectroscopy class
  49. NMR guides from Prof. Stone lab
  50. Theory
  51. Theory