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  1. NMR paper Solution NMR Studies of Anesthetic Interactions with Ion Channels.
  2. NMR paper Anti-cancer effects of emodin on HepG2 cells as revealed by 1H-NMR based metabolic profiling.
  3. [ASAP] Optochemical Control of Protein Localization and Activity within Cell-like Compartments
  4. NMR paper Structure and Dynamic Properties of a Ti-Binding Peptide Bound to TiO2 Nanoparticles As Accessed by (1)H NMR Spectroscopy.
  5. NMR paper Effect of Saturated Very Long-Chain Fatty Acids on the Organization of Lipid Membranes: A Study Combining (2)H NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
  6. NMR paper Parallel ?-Sheet Structure of Alanine Tetrapeptide in the Solid State As Studied by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.
  7. NMR paper Structure and Dynamics of Extracellular Loops in Human Aquaporin-1 from Solid-State NMR and Molecular Dynamics.
  8. NMR paper Study of protein folding under native conditions by rapidly switching the hydrostatic pressure inside an NMR sample cell.
  9. NMR paper Solution NMR Structure and Backbone Dynamics of Recombinant Bee Venom Melittin.
  10. Atomic structures of excited state Aâ??T Hoogsteen base pairs in duplex DNA by combining NMR relaxation dispersion, mutagenesis, and chemical shift calculations
  11. [ASAP] Strategy for Stabilization of CutA1 Proteins Due to Ion–Ion Interactions at Temperatures of over 100 °C
  12. NMR paper The recognition of glycans by protein receptors. Insights from NMR spectroscopy.
  13. NMR paper Lysine Side-Chain Dynamics in the Binding Site of Homeodomain/DNA Complexes as Observed by NMR Relaxation Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
  14. Protein-Solvent Interfaces in Human Y145Stop Prion Protein Amyloid Fibrils Probed by Paramagnetic Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
  15. [ASAP] Properties of Site-Specifically Incorporated 3-Aminotyrosine in Proteins To Study Redox-Active Tyrosines: Escherichia coli Ribonucleotide Reductase as a Paradigm
  16. Observation of acetyl phosphate formation in mammalian mitochondria using real-time in-organelle NMR metabolomics [Biochemistry]
  17. NMR paper Dynamics and Rigidity of an Intact Filamentous Bacteriophage Virus Probed by Magic Angle Spinning NMR.
  18. NMR paper An NMR strategy to detect conformational differences in a protein complexed with highly analogous inhibitors in solution.
  19. TROSY pulse sequence for simultaneous measurement of the 15 N R 1 and { 1 H}â?? 15 N NOE in deuterated proteins
  20. NMR paper Structure and dynamics of plant TatA in micelles and lipid bilayers studied by solution NMR.
  21. NMR paper Isotope labeling for studying RNA by solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
  22. Editorial Board
  23. Carbon-carbon spin-spin coupling constants: Practical applications of theoretical calculations
  24. Solution NMR of SNAREs, complexin and ?-synuclein in association with membrane-mimetics
  25. Multiparametric (mp) MRI of prostate cancer
  26. Editorial Board
  27. Chemical shift-based methods in NMR structure determination
  28. NMR paper Theoretical and NMR Conformational Studies of ?-Proline Oligopeptides With Alternating Chirality of Pyrrolidine Units.
  29. An NMR strategy to detect conformational differences in a protein complexed with highly analogous inhibitors in solution
  30. [ASAP] Watching Three-Dimensional Movements of Single Membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayers
  31. [ASAP] Selective Synergism Created by Interactive Nacre Framework-Associated Proteins Possessing EGF and vWA Motifs: Implications for Mollusk Shell Formation
  32. [ASAP] Illuminating the Energy Landscape of GPCRs: The Key Contribution of Solution-State NMR Associated with Escherichia coli as an Expression Host
  33. NMR paper Anisotropic diffusion in stretched hydrogels containing erythrocytes: evidence of cell-shape distortion recorded by PGSE NMR spectroscopy.
  34. NMR paper Compression of multidimensional NMR spectra allows a faster and more accurate analysis of complex samples.
  35. NMR paper DNP-Enhanced MAS NMR: A Tool to Snapshot Conformational Ensembles of ?-Synuclein in Different States.
  36. Isotope labeling for studying RNA by solid-state NMR spectroscopy
  37. [ASAP] Extratelomeric Binding of the Telomere Binding Protein TRF2 at the PCGF3 Promoter Is G-Quadruplex Motif-Dependent
  38. Structural basis for the ethanol action on G-protein-activated inwardly rectifying potassium channel 1 revealed by NMR spectroscopy [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
  39. NMR paper Dynamics and Interactions of a 29 kDa Human Enzyme Studied by Solid-State NMR.
  40. [ASAP] Identifying the Protein Interactions of the Cytosolic Iron–Sulfur Cluster Targeting Complex Essential for Its Assembly and Recognition of Apo-Targets
  41. NMR paper 3D Structure Determination of Amyloid Fibrils using Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.
  42. NMR paper NMR Insights into the Structure-Function Relationships in the Binding of Melanocortin Analogues to the MC1R Receptor.
  43. NMR paper MOMD Analysis of NMR Lineshapes from A?-Amyloid Fibrils: A New Tool for Characterizing Molecular Environments in Protein Aggregates.
  44. NMR paper Two histidines in an alpha-helix: rigid Co2+-binding motif for PCS measurements by NMR spectroscopy.
  45. [ASAP] Structural Regulation of a Neurofilament-Inspired Intrinsically Disordered Protein Brush by Multisite Phosphorylation
  46. [ASAP] Changes in Protein Dynamics in Escherichia coli SufS Reveal a Possible Conserved Regulatory Mechanism in Type II Cysteine Desulfurase Systems
  47. NMR paper NMR Structure, Dynamics and Interactions of the Integrin ?2 Cytoplasmic Tail with Filamin Domain IgFLNa21.
  48. NMR paper Liquid-state NMR analysis of nanocelluloses.
  49. NMR paper Illuminating the energy landscape of GPCRs: the key contribution of solution-state NMR associated with Escherichia coli as an expression host.
  50. [ASAP] Charged Residues in the C-Terminal Domain of Apolipoprotein A-I Modulate Oligomerization
  51. [ASAP] Bacterial Model Membranes Reshape Fibrillation of a Functional Amyloid Protein
  52. NMR paper Characterizing Protein-Protein Interactions Using Solution NMR Spectroscopy.
  53. NMR paper Reconstitution of Isotopically Labeled Ribosomal Protein L29 in the 50S Large Ribosomal Subunit for Solution-State and Solid-State NMR.
  54. NMR paper Amyloid Structure of High-order Assembly of Leucine-Rich Amelogenin Revealed by Solid-state NMR.
  55. NMR paper A genetically encoded 19F NMR probe for lysine acetylation.
  56. NMR paper Optimization and 13CH3 methionine labeling of a signaling competent neurotensin receptor 1 variant for NMR studies.
  57. NMR paper Xenon-Protein Interactions: Characterization by X-Ray Crystallography and Hyper-CEST NMR.
  58. NMR paper 1H-NMR-based metabolomics approach reveals metabolic mechanism of (-)-5-hydroxy-equol against hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro.
  59. NMR paper Investigating the Dynamics of Destabilized Nucleosomes Using Methyl-TROSY NMR.
  60. [ASAP] Quantitative Characterization of Bivalent Probes for a Dual Bromodomain Protein, Transcription Initiation Factor TFIID Subunit 1
  61. [ASAP] Investigating the Dynamics of Destabilized Nucleosomes Using Methyl-TROSY NMR
  62. NMR paper Structural basis for the ethanol action on G-protein-activated inwardly rectifying potassium channel 1 revealed by NMR spectroscopy.
  63. NMR paper NMR backbone assignments of the tyrosine kinase domain of human fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 in apo state and in complex with inhibitor PD173074.
  64. NMR paper Solution NMR assignment of the C-terminal domain of human chTOG.
  65. NMR paper Two-dimensional 1H and 1H-detected NMR study of a heterogeneous biocatalyst using fast MAS at high magnetic fields.
  66. Fast evaluation of protein dynamics from deficient 15 N relaxation data
  67. NMR paper Transient HIV-1 Gag-protease interactions revealed by paramagnetic NMR suggest origins of compensatory drug resistance mutations.
  68. NMR paper Determination of accurate backbone chemical shift tensors in microcrystalline proteins by integrating MAS NMR and QM/MM.
  69. NMR paper Backbone amide 15N chemical shift tensors report on hydrogen bonding interactions in proteins: A magic angle spinning NMR study.
  70. [ASAP] Dynamic Characteristics of Guanosine-5'-monophosphate Reductase Complexes Revealed by High-Resolution 31P Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry
  71. [ASAP] CH···O Hydrogen Bonds Mediate Highly Specific Recognition of Methylated CpG Sites by the Zinc Finger Protein Kaiso
  72. NMR paper Partial solid-state NMR 1H, 13C, 15N resonance assignments of a perdeuterated back-exchanged seven-transmembrane helical protein Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin.
  73. NMR paper Nanomolar small-molecule detection using a genetically encoded 129Xe NMR contrast agent.
  74. NMR paper The NMR contribution to protein-protein networking in Fe-S protein maturation.
  75. NMR paper NMR assignment and solution structure of the external DII domain of the yeast Rvb2 protein.
  76. NMR paper Compact, hydrophilic, lanthanide-binding tags for paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy.
  77. NMR paper Solid-state NMR at natural isotopic abundance for the determination of conformational polymorphism - the case of designed ?-turn peptides containing di-prolines.
  78. NMR paper Trimethylsilyl tag for probing protein-ligand interactions by NMR.
  79. NMR paper Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced biomolecular NMR spectroscopy at high magnetic field with fast magic-angle spinning.
  80. NMR paper Selective binding and dynamics of imidazole alkyl sulfate ionic liquids with human serum albumin and collagen - a detailed NMR investigation.
  81. NMR paper Investigations of dynamic amyloid-like structures of the Wnt signalling pathway by solid-state NMR.
  82. [ASAP] Multiplexed Real-Time NMR GTPase Assay for Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor Activities from Human Cancer Cells and Organoids
  83. Measuring the signs of the methyl 1 H chemical shift differences between major and â??invisibleâ?? minor protein conformational states using methyl 1 H multi-quantum spectroscopy
  84. Trimethylsilyl tag for probing proteinâ??ligand interactions by NMR
  85. NMR paper Protein labeling strategies for liquid-state NMR spectroscopy using cell-free synthesis.
  86. NMR paper Solution NMR of SNAREs, complexin and ?-synuclein in association with membrane-mimetics.
  87. Solution NMR structure of yeast Rcf1, a protein involved in respiratory supercomplex formation [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
  88. Characterization of an A-Site Selective ProteinDisulfide Isomerase A1 Inhibitor
  89. NMR paper Refined Crystal Structure of Samia cynthia ricini Silk Fibroin Revealed by Solid-State NMR Investigations.
  90. NMR paper High Pressure NMR and SAXS Reveals How Capping Modulates Folding Cooperativity of the pp32 Leucine Rich Repeat Protein.
  91. NMR paper Solution NMR Studies of the Ligand-Binding Domain of an Orphan Nuclear Receptor Reveals a Dynamic Helix in the Ligand-Binding Pocket.
  92. NMR paper Dynamic characteristics of GMP reductase complexes revealed by high resolution 31P field cycling NMR relaxometry.
  93. NMR paper NMRNet: A deep learning approach to automated peak picking of protein NMR spectra.
  94. Backbone amide 15N chemical shift tensors report on hydrogen bonding interactions in proteins: A magic angle spinning NMR study
  95. Relationship of Sequence and Phase Separation in ProteinLow-Complexity Regions
  96. NMR paper Localizing conformational hinges by NMR: where do HBV core proteins adapt for capsid assembly?
  97. NMR paper Multiplexed real-time NMR GTPase assay for simultaneous monitoring of multiple GEF activities from human cancer cells and organoids.
  98. NMR paper Determinants of ligand subtype-selectivity at ?1A-adrenoceptor revealed using Saturation Transfer Difference (STD) NMR.
  99. NMR paper Nanodisc-targeted STD NMR reveals atomistic details of ligand binding to lipid environments.
  100. NMR paper Metabolic profiling of ob/ob mouse fatty liver using HR-MAS 1H-NMR combined with gene expression analysis reveals alterations in betaine metabolism and the transsulfuration pathway.
  101. Molecular Basis for the Attachment of S-Layer Proteins to the Cell Wall of Bacillus anthracis
  102. High Pressure NMR and SAXS Reveals How Capping Modulates Folding Cooperativity of the pp32 Leucine Rich Repeat Protein
  103. NMR paper NMR spectroscopy-based metabolomic study of serum in sulfur mustard exposed patients with lung disease.
  104. NMR paper High-resolution 2D NMR of disordered proteins enhanced by hyperpolarized water.
  105. Neutron Crystallography Detects Differences in ProteinDynamics: Structure of the PKG II Cyclic Nucleotide Binding Domainin Complex with an Activator
  106. DirectDetection of the Terminal Hydride Intermediatein [FeFe] Hydrogenase by NMR Spectroscopy
  107. Segmental isotopic labeling by asparaginyl endopeptidase-mediated protein ligation
  108. NMR paper Chaperone–client complexes: A dynamic liaison
  109. PrimaryTransfer Step in the Light-Driven Ion PumpBacteriorhodopsin: An Irreversible U-Turn Revealed by DynamicNuclear Polarization-Enhanced Magic Angle Spinning NMR
  110. NMR paper Activity-Based Probes Developed by Applying Sequential Dehydroalanine Strategy on Expressed Proteins Reveal a Potential ?-globin Modulating Deubiquitinase
  111. NMR paper Challenges and approaches to understand cholesterol-binding impact on membrane protein function: an NMR view.
  112. NMR paper Ligand-Based NMR Study of C-X-C Chemokine Receptor Type 4 (CXCR4)-Ligand Interactions on Living Cancer Cells.
  113. NMR paper Nonuniform Sampling in Multidimensional NMR for Improving Spectral Sensitivity.
  114. NMR paper Investigation of higher-order RNA G-quadruplex structures in vitro and in living cells by 19F NMR spectroscopy.
  115. A Comprehensive Analysis of Anion–QuadrupoleInteractions in Protein Structures
  116. Structure determination of protein-ligand complexes by NMR in solution
  117. Correction to: Characterization of fibril dynamics on three timescales by solid-state NMR
  118. NMR paper A combination of 19F NMR and surface plasmon resonance for site-specific hit selection and validation of fragment molecules that bind to the ATP-binding site of a kinase.
  119. Probing Denatured State Conformational Bias in a Three-Helix Bundle, UBA(2), Using a Cytochrome c Fusion Protein
  120. Deuteration and selective labeling of alanine methyl groups of β 2 -adrenergic receptor expressed in a baculovirus-insect cell expression system
  121. NMR paper Ultrashort Broadband Cooperative Pulses for Multidimensional Biomolecular NMR Experiments
  122. NMR paper Solution NMR structure of yeast Rcf1, a protein involved in respiratory supercomplex formation.
  123. NMR paper Ultrashort Broadband Cooperative Pulses for Multidimensional Biomolecular NMR Experiments.
  124. NMR paper Balanced Regulation of Redox Status of Intracellular Thioredoxin Revealed by in-Cell NMR.
  125. Surface ChargeModulates Protein–Protein Interactionsin Physiologically Relevant Environments
  126. Excitation-Wavelength-Dependent Photocycle InitiationDynamics Resolve Heterogeneity in the Photoactive Yellow Protein from Halorhodospira halophila
  127. Protein-Derived Cofactors Revisited: Empowering AminoAcid Residues with New Functions
  128. Bioinorganic Explorations of Zn(II) Sequestrationby Human S100 Host-Defense Proteins
  129. Sensitivity-EnhancedFour-Dimensional Amide–AmideCorrelation NMR Experiments for Sequential Assignment of Proline-RichDisordered Proteins
  130. BalancedRegulation of Redox Status of IntracellularThioredoxin Revealed by in-Cell NMR
  131. NMR paper Interplay Between Membrane Curvature and Protein Conformational Equilibrium Investigated by Solid-State NMR.
  132. NMR paper Detection of side-chain proton resonances of fully protonated biosolids in nano-litre volumes by magic angle spinning solid-state NMR.
  133. NMR paper NMR metabolomics reveals metabolism-mediated protective effects in liver (HepG2) cells exposed to sub-toxic levels of silver nanoparticles.
  134. NMR paper Chemical Shifts of the Carbohydrate Binding Domain of Galectin-3 from Magic Angle Spinning NMR and Hybrid Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Calculations.
  135. NMR paper Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Proteins from Solid-State NMR.
  136. Integrating NMR, SAXS, and Atomistic Simulations: Structure and Dynamics of a Two-Domain Protein
  137. Dynamics of the Interaction of RecG Protein with StalledReplication Forks
  138. Detection of side-chain proton resonances of fully protonated biosolids in nano-litre volumes by magic angle spinning solid-state NMR
  139. NMR paper Stable isotope labeling approaches for NMR characterization of glycoproteins using eukaryotic expression systems.
  140. NMR paper 13C APSY-NMR for sequential assignment of intrinsically disordered proteins.
  141. Streptonigrin Inhibits SENP1 and Reduces the ProteinLevel of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1? (HIF1?) in Cells
  142. NMR paper Biophysical studies and NMR structure of YAP2 WW domain - LATS1 PPxY motif complexes reveal the basis of their interaction.
  143. NMR paper Perturbations of Native Membrane Protein Structure in Alkyl Phosphocholine Detergents: A Critical Assessment of NMR and Biophysical Studies.
  144. NMR paper Sensitivity-enhanced Four-dimensional Amide-amide Correlation NMR Experiments for Sequential Assignment of Proline-rich Disordered Proteins.
  145. NMR paper Integrating NMR, SAXS, and Atomistic Simulations: Structure and Dynamics of a Two-Domain Protein.
  146. Interplay Between Membrane Curvature and Protein Conformational Equilibrium Investigated by Solid-State NMR
  147. NMR paper Multi-site binding of epigallocatechin gallate to human serum albumin measured by NMR and isothermal titration calorimetry.
  148. NMR paper Fast Magic-Angle-Spinning 19F Spin Exchange NMR for Determining Nanometer 19F-19F Distances in Proteins and Pharmaceutical Compounds.
  149. Stable isotope labeling approaches for NMR characterization of glycoproteins using eukaryotic expression systems
  150. 13 C APSY-NMR for sequential assignment of intrinsically disordered proteins
  151. Kinetic Evidence for a Second Ligand Binding Siteon Streptococcus pneumoniae Penicillin-Binding Protein2x
  152. Improved Analysis of RNA Localization by SpatiallyRestricted Oxidation of RNA–Protein Complexes
  153. NMR paper Packing arrangement of 13C selectively labeled sequence model peptides of Samia cynthia ricini silk fibroin fibers studied by solid-state NMR.
  154. NMR paper The effects of basal insulin peglispro vs. insulin glargine on lipoprotein particles by NMR and liver fat content by MRI in patients with diabetes.
  155. NMR paper The C-terminal cytidine deaminase domain of APOBEC3G itself undergoes intersegmental transfer for a target search, as revealed by real-time NMR monitoring.
  156. NMR paper Emulsifying properties development of pork myofibrillar and sacroplasmic protein irradiated at different dose: A combined FT-IR spectroscopy and low-field NMR study.
  157. NMR paper Applications of NMR and ITC for the Study of the Kinetics of Carbohydrate Binding by AMPK ?-Subunit Carbohydrate-Binding Modules.
  158. NMR paper Direct Observation of CH/CH van der Waals Interactions in Proteins by NMR.
  159. Precursor–Receptor Interactions in the TwinArginine Protein Transport Pathway Probed with a New Receptor ComplexPreparation
  160. DirectObservation of CH/CH van der Waals Interactionsin Proteins by NMR
  161. NMR paper Peptide-Guided Assembly of Repeat Protein Fragments
  162. Sequential Protein Expression and Capsid Assemblyin Cell: Toward the Study of Multiprotein Viral Capsids Using Solid-StateNuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques
  163. NMR paper Segmental isotopic labeling of HIV-1 capsid protein assemblies for solid state NMR.
  164. NMR paper Sequential Protein Expression and Capsid Assembly In Cell: Towards the Study of Multi-Protein Viral Capsids Using Solid-State NMR Techniques.
  165. NMR paper Site-Specific Studies of Nucleosome Interactions by Solid-State NMR.
  166. Protein Plasticity and Peptide Editing in the MHCI Antigen Processing Pathway
  167. NMR paper Rational tuning of fluorobenzene probes for cysteine-selective protein modification
  168. NMR paper NMR metabolomics highlights sphingosine kinase-1 as a new molecular switch in the orchestration of aberrant metabolic phenotype in cancer cells.
  169. NMR paper NMR analysis of substrate binding to a two-domain chitinase: Comparison between soluble and insoluble chitins.
  170. NMR paper HTS by NMR for the Identification of Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Metalloenzymes.
  171. NMR paper Substrate binding drives active site closing of human blood group B galactosyltransferase as revealed by hot-spot labeling and NMR experiments.
  172. NMR paper Assessing Interactions Between a Polytopic Membrane Protein and Lipid Bilayers Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Solid-State NMR.
  173. NMR paper Towards structural studies of self-assembled subviral particles: combining cell-free expression with 100 kHz MAS NMR.
  174. Sequential DNA Binding and Dimerization Processesof the Photosensory Protein EL222
  175. Segmental isotopic labeling of HIV-1 capsid protein assemblies for solid state NMR
  176. Successful refolding and NMR structure of rMagi3: A disulfide-rich insecticidal spider toxin
  177. Discoveryof Intermediates of lacZ ?-GalactosidaseCatalyzed Hydrolysis Using dDNP NMR
  178. NMR paper NMR resonance assignments of RNase P protein from Thermotoga maritima.
  179. NMR paper Solid-state [13C-15N] NMR resonance assignment of hepatitis B virus core protein.
  180. NMR paper Pretreatment of anaerobic digester samples by hydrochloric acid for solution-state 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopic characterization of organic matter.
  181. NMR paper Protocols for Studying the Interaction of MSI-78 with the Membranes of Whole Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria by NMR.
  182. NMR paper Preparation of Membrane Models of Gram-Negative Bacteria and Their Interaction with Antimicrobial Peptides Studied by CD and NMR.
  183. NMR paper Distinct solvent- and temperature-dependent packing arrangements of anti-parallel ?-sheet polyalanines studied with solid-state 13C NMR and MD simulation.
  184. NMR paper Dual Labeling of the CBP/p300 KIX domain for 19F NMR leads to identification of a new small molecule binding site.
  185. NMR paper Characterisation of an aptamer against the Runt domain of AML1 (RUNX1) by NMR and mutational analyses.
  186. Disordered Nanostructure in Huntingtin InteractingProtein K Acts as a Stabilizing Switch To Prevent Protein Aggregation
  187. NMR paper Structure determination of protein-ligand complexes by NMR in solution.
  188. NMR paper Interaction proteomics by using in-cell NMR spectroscopy.
  189. NMR paper FT-IR and NMR structural markers for thiazole-based ?-peptide foldamers.
  190. NMR paper Morphology and magnetic structure of the ferritin core during iron loading and releasing by magnetooptical and NMR methods.
  191. NMR paper Plasma metabolomics study of the hepatoprotective effect of glycyrrhetinic acid on realgar-induced sub-chronic hepatotoxicity in mice via 1H NMR analysis.
  192. NMR paper Conformational entropy of FK506 binding to FKBP12 determined by NMR relaxation and molecular dynamics simulations.
  193. NMR paper 1H magic-angle spinning NMR evolves as a powerful new tool for membrane proteins.
  194. NMR paper Beyond the limit of assignment of metabolites using minimal serum samples and 1H NMR spectroscopy with cross-validation by mass spectrometry.
  195. NMR paper Rapid NMR-scale purification of 15N,13C isotope-labeled recombinant human STIM1 coiled coil fragments.
  196. Structures of the L27 Domain of Disc Large Homologue1 Protein Illustrate a Self-Assembly Module
  197. Phe71 in Type III Trypanosomal Protein Arginine Methyltransferase7 (TbPRMT7) Restricts the Enzyme to Monomethylation
  198. Discovery of an Irreversible and Cell-Active BCL6Inhibitor Selectively Targeting Cys53 Located at the Protein–ProteinInteraction Interface
  199. Receptor Activity Modifying Proteins Have LimitedEffects on the Class B G Protein-Coupled Receptor Calcitonin Receptor-LikeReceptor Stalk
  200. NMR paper 15N isotopic labelling for in-cell protein studies by NMR spectroscopy and single-cell IR synchrotron radiation FTIR microscopy: a correlative study.
  201. NMR paper The NMR 'split peak effect' in cell suspensions: Historical perspective, explanation and applications.
  202. NMR paper Dynamics of dehaloperoxidase-hemoglobin A derived from NMR relaxation spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation.
  203. Structural Characterization of Peripheral Myelin Protein 22 and its Mutants in Model Membrane by NMR Spectroscopy
  204. Structures and Dynamics of Protein Folding on the Ribosome by NMR Spectroscopy
  205. Studying Proteins Inside Eukaryotic Cells in NMR
  206. NMR Relaxation and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Side Chain Dynamics in Proteins
  207. Glycan-Protein Interactions in NMDA Receptors Revealed with Computational Modeling and NMR Spectroscopy
  208. Dynamics of Membrane Proteins Studied by Solid State 2H NMR Relaxation
  209. Rotational Diffusion of Membrane Proteins Probed by Anisotropic T2 and T1? NMR Relaxation in Aligned Lipid Bilayers
  210. Structures, Dynamics, and Functions of Viral Membrane Proteins by NMR
  211. NMR Structural Studies of the Yersinia Pestis Outer Membrane Protein AIL in Lipid Bilayers
  212. Combining DNP NMR with Segmental and Specific Labeling to Study the Quaternary Structures of Yeast Prion Protein Strains
  213. Unique Insights into the Structural and Functional Biology of Membrane Proteins from Solid State NMR Spectroscopy
  214. A (Passive to Active) Chaser: NMR and MD of Membrane Proteins
  215. Laser-assisted NMR in the Presence of a Cryogenic Probe Enables Multidimensional Data Collection on Amino Acids and Proteins at Unprecedented Sensitivity
  216. Investigating the Conformational Transitions of Human Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein Upon Binding Leukotriene B4 by Solution-State NMR Spectroscopy
  217. Magnetically Oriented Phospholipid Bilayer Discs for Membrane Protein NMR
  218. NMR paper Universality of Sodium Ion Binding Mechanism in Class A G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
  219. NMR paper Protein Rotational Dynamics in Aligned Lipid Membranes Probed by Anisotropic T1? NMR Relaxation.
  220. NMR paper The Cysteinome of Protein Kinases as a Target in Drug Development
  221. 1H magic-angle spinning NMR evolves as a powerful new tool for membrane proteins
  222. Superrepression through Altered Corepressor–ActivatedProtein:Protein Interactions
  223. POTENCI: prediction of temperature, neighbor and pH-corrected chemical shifts for intrinsically disordered proteins
  224. NMR paper REDOR NMR Reveals Multiple Conformers for a Protein Kinase C Ligand in a Membrane Environment.
  225. NMR paper Structural mechanisms for the S-nitrosylation-derived protection of mouse galectin-2 from oxidation-induced inactivation revealed by NMR.
  226. Protein Rotational Dynamics in Aligned Lipid Membranes Probed by Anisotropic T1? NMR Relaxation
  227. Emulsifying properties development of pork myofibrillar and sacroplasmic protein irradiated at different dose: A combined FT-IR spectroscopy and low-field NMR study
  228. NMR paper Optimal Tikhonov Regularization for DEER Spectroscopy
  229. Molecular Interactions between a Fluoride Ion Channeland Synthetic Protein Blockers
  230. Simultaneous detection of intra- and inter-molecular paramagnetic relaxation enhancements in protein complexes
  231. NMR paper Qualitative and Quantitative NMR Approaches in Blood Serum Lipidomics.
  232. NMR and circular dichroism data for domain 2 of the HCV NS5A protein phosphorylated by the Casein Kinase II
  233. Designing Flavoprotein-GFP Fusion Probes for Analyte-SpecificRatiometric Fluorescence Imaging
  234. ProbingInteractions of N-Donor Molecules withOpen Metal Sites within Paramagnetic Cr-MIL-101: A Solid-State NMRSpectroscopic and Density Functional Theory Study
  235. ChemicalExchange Saturation Transfer in ChemicalReactions: A Mechanistic Tool for NMR Detection and Characterizationof Transient Intermediates
  236. NMR paper Dicarboxylate-Oside Detergents for Extraction, Overstabilization and Crystallization of Membrane Proteins
  237. NMR paper Automated NMR resonance assignments and structure determination using a minimal set of 4D spectra.
  238. NMR paper Solution NMR structures of oxidized and reduced Ehrlichia chaffeensis thioredoxin: NMR-invisible structure owing to backbone dynamics.
  239. Solution NMR Structure and Backbone Dynamics of PartiallyDisordered Arabidopsis thaliana Phloem Protein 16-1,a Putative mRNA Transporter
  240. A Dynamic Protein–Protein Coupling betweenthe TonB-Dependent Transporter FhuA and TonB
  241. X-ray Structures of the Proprotein ConvertaseFurin Bound with Substrate Analogue Inhibitors Reveal Substrate SpecificityDeterminants beyond the S4Pocket
  242. NMR paper Application of 2D-NMR with room temperature NMR probes for the assessment of the higher order structure of filgrastim.
  243. NMR paper Solid-State NMR of Highly 13C-Enriched Cholesterol in Lipid Bilayers.
  244. NMR paper Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization (FT-IR, FT-Raman, and NMR), quantum chemical studies and molecular docking of 3-(1-(phenylamino)ethylidene)-chroman-2,4-dione.
  245. NMR paper Formation of ?-carrageenan-gelatin polyelectrolyte complexes studied by (1)H NMR, UV spectroscopy and kinematic viscosity measurements.
  246. NMR paper Potent inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth identified by using in-cell NMR-based screening.
  247. Cluster-Dependent Charge-Transfer Dynamics in Iron–SulfurProteins
  248. NMR paper Bioorthogonal Catalytic Activation Of Pt And Ru Anticancer Complexes By FAD And Flavoproteins
  249. Transport-RelevantProtein Conformational Dynamics and Water Dynamics on Multiple TimeScales in an Archetypal Proton Channel: Insights from Solid-StateNMR
  250. NMR paper 1H, 13C and 15N NMR assignments of cyclophilin LRT2 (OsCYP2) from rice.