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  1. NMR thesis Pulse NMR in solids : chemical shift, lead fluoride and thorium hydride
  2. NMR thesis Force-detected NMR in a homogeneous fild: experiment design, apparatus, and observations
  3. NMR thesis NMR Studies of Protein-DNA Interactions : Determinations of DNA Structures Recognized by Bin Recombinase and Studies of Their Roles in Protein Binding Interactions
  4. NMR thesis I. Quantum-mechanical chemical exchange. II. NMR of semiconductors
  5. NMR Thesis Defended: Vladimir Michaelis
  6. NMR thesis Theoretical and experimental investigations in MEMS-based force detected NMR
  7. NMR thesis A study of the adsorption of Ni (II) onto amorphous silica surface by chemical and NM
  8. NMR thesis Solid state NMR at high magnetic fields using multiple pulse techniques
  9. NMR thesis NMR imaging of solids with multiple-pulse line narrowing and radiofrequency gradients
  10. NMR thesis Metabolic engineering applications of in vivo [superscript 31]P and [superscript 13]C
  11. NMR thesis Nuclear spin dynamics and thermodynamics of pulsed NMR in solids
  12. NMR thesis Band 3 structure and function : [superscript]35 C1 NMR and topographical investigatio
  13. NMR thesis NMR of dilute sites in GaAs
  14. NMR thesis NMR and computational studies on the conformational folding of the biomineralization
  15. NMR thesis NMR study of fluoride ion diffusion in potassium-doped ?-PbF_2
  16. Thesis by Spencer E. Hall (MembStruk)