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  1. NMR thesis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of ?-Chymotrypsin. I. NMR Studies of the Binding of Small Molecule Inhibitors to ?-Chymotrypsin. II. NMR Studies of the Interaction of N-TFA-D-Tryptophan Semicarbazide with ?-Chymotrypsin. III. ^(13)C-NMR Studies of
  2. NMR thesis Solid State NMR at High Magnetic Fields Using Multiple Pulse Techniques
  3. NMR thesis Force-Detected NMR in a Homogeneous Field: Experiment Design, Apparatus, and Observations
  4. NMR thesis Pulse NMR in solids : chemical shift, lead fluoride and thorium hydride
  5. NMR thesis Pulse NMR in solids : chemical shift, lead fluoride and thorium hydride
  6. NMR thesis Force-detected NMR in a homogeneous fild: experiment design, apparatus, and observations
  7. NMR thesis NMR Studies of Protein-DNA Interactions : Determinations of DNA Structures Recognized by Bin Recombinase and Studies of Their Roles in Protein Binding Interactions
  8. NMR thesis I. Quantum-mechanical chemical exchange. II. NMR of semiconductors
  9. NMR Thesis Defended: Vladimir Michaelis
  10. NMR thesis Theoretical and experimental investigations in MEMS-based force detected NMR
  11. NMR thesis A study of the adsorption of Ni (II) onto amorphous silica surface by chemical and NM
  12. NMR thesis NMR study of fluoride ion diffusion in potassium-doped ?-PbF_2
  13. NMR thesis NMR and computational studies on the conformational folding of the biomineralization
  14. NMR thesis NMR of dilute sites in GaAs
  15. NMR thesis Band 3 structure and function : [superscript]35 C1 NMR and topographical investigatio
  16. NMR thesis Nuclear spin dynamics and thermodynamics of pulsed NMR in solids
  17. NMR thesis Metabolic engineering applications of in vivo [superscript 31]P and [superscript 13]C
  18. NMR thesis NMR imaging of solids with multiple-pulse line narrowing and radiofrequency gradients
  19. NMR thesis Solid state NMR at high magnetic fields using multiple pulse techniques
  20. Thesis by Spencer E. Hall (MembStruk)