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  1. Spot the difference: NMR technique for drug design
  2. New 1.2 GHz NMR Spectrometers - New Horizons?
  3. Journal Highlight: Lipoprotein particle concentration measured by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is associated with gestational age at delivery: a prospective cohort study
  4. Cryo-electron microscopy: Alzheimer's fibrils
  5. Journal Highlight: T1 Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion of hyperpolarized sodium and cesium hydrogencarbonate-13C
  6. Date rape drug metabolite: NMR reveals evidence next day
  7. Social rank: Stressed out by NMR
  8. Journal Highlight: Interpretation of seemingly contradictory data: Low NMR S2 order parameters observed in helices and high NMR S2 order parameters in disordered loops of the protein hGH at low pH
  9. Phosphorus rubber: Multinuclear NMR
  10. Journal Highlight: Territorial origin of olive oil: representing georeferenced maps of olive oils by NMR profiling
  11. Closed model: NMR and X-rays open up enzyme clue
  12. Stony coral: NMR and climate resistance
  13. Nanosubmarine: NMR watches self destruction
  14. Journal Highlight: Mutual diffusion driven NMR: a new approach for the analysis of mixtures by spatially resolved NMR spectroscopy
  15. Cellular signals: NMR metabolic profiling
  16. Journal Highlight: Understanding surface and interfacial chemistry in functional nanomaterials via solid-state NMR
  17. NMR reveals entropy redistribution: Bacterial proteins
  18. NMR revision: Compound all at sea
  19. Journal Highlight: 'NMR Crystallization': in-situ NMR techniques for time-resolved monitoring of crystallization processes
  20. Anemones punch holes: Toxins by NMR
  21. What a difference a state makes: NMR curiosity
  22. Journal Highlight: The new face of isotopic NMR at natural abundance
  23. Reversing resistance: Rose myrtle extracts analysed by NMR
  24. Portable superconductors: Boost for NMR and MRI
  25. Solvents and skin: Solid state NMR of fluid molecules
  26. Journal Highlight: Modelling the transformation of organic materials in soil with nuclear magnetic resonance spectra
  27. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry Special Issue: Perspectives on the future of NMR
  28. Painting with gumtion: Accelerating art
  29. Sweet substitution: NMR and insulin analogue
  30. Journal Highlight: 14N Solid-state NMR spectroscopy of amino acids
  31. Journal Highlight: 14N Solid-state NMR spectroscopy of amino acids
  32. Bacterial insomnia: NMR finds dormancy inhibitors
  33. The spliceosome: NMR spFRET dice up protein complex
  34. Slicing the spliceosome: NMR dices protein complex
  35. Journal Highlight: Recent applications of NMR in food and dietary studies
  36. A salted battery: NMR by-products
  37. Journal Highlight: Determination of nicotine, glycerol, propylene glycol and water in electronic cigarette fluids using quantitative 1H NMR
  38. Frankincense: NMR IDs cis and trans
  39. Negative union: NMR on ions together
  40. Journal Highlight: Characterization of aging and solvent treatments of painted surfaces using single-sided NMR
  41. Journal Highlight: Prediction of beef color using time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) relaxometry data and multivariate analyses
  42. Plutonium: NMR examines electrons
  43. High-pressure and cold denaturation
  44. Sclerostin inhibitors: NMR fighting osteoporosis
  45. HDL and heart disease: NMR and CT assessment
  46. Journal Highlight: Molecular dynamics and composition of crude oil by low-field nuclear magnetic resonance
  47. Beta test: NMR TRIUMF
  48. Like a virgin: Fishy NMR fry up
  49. Journal Highlight: NMR spectroscopy of filtered serum of prostate cancer: A new frontier in metabolomics
  50. Naked eye genetics: NMR assists development
  51. Journal Highlight: Quantitative online NMR spectroscopy in a nutshell
  52. Quadrupolar study: Aluminium in water
  53. Hydrogen economics: Formative times
  54. Bioactive macrocycles: NMR structures
  55. Journal Highlight: Authentication of the origin of sucrose-based sugar products using quantitative natural abundance 13C NMR
  56. It's a stitchup: Evolving new proteins
  57. Gut feeling: NMR reveals PTSD link?
  58. Journal Highlight: Ultrafast Multidimensional Laplace NMR Using a Single-Sided Magnet
  59. Gut feeling: NMR reveals PTSD link
  60. All four corners: NMR and chiral carbons
  61. Journal Highlight: Ultrafast magic-angle spinning: Benefits for the acquisition of ultrawide-line NMR spectra of heavy spin-1/2 nuclei
  62. Pain on the brain: NMR tracks analgesics
  63. Zinc control: NMR untangles Alzheimer's
  64. Imaging Parkinson's protein: NMR and EPR
  65. Journal Highlight: Rapid NMR assignments of proteins by using optimized combinatorial selective unlabeling
  66. NMR spots biosimilars: Filgrastim found
  67. Diamonds: The NMR spectroscopist's best friend?
  68. Journal Highlight: A community resource of experimental data for NMR / X-ray crystal structure pairs
  69. Journal Highlight: NMR logging to estimate hydraulic conductivity in unconsolidated aquifers
  70. Metabolic tracking: NMR and radiolabels
  71. Carbon dioxide: NMR reveals photosynthetic shift
  72. Diamonds: The NMR spectroscopist's best friend?
  73. Journal Highlight: Water proton NMR for in situ detection of insulin aggregates
  74. Unravelling Helicobacter: Bactofilin insights from NMR
  75. Ionic liquids: Enzymatic cellulose processing
  76. Journal Highlight: Single-scan multidimensional NMR analysis of mixtures at sub-millimolar concentrations by using SABRE hyperpolarization
  77. A new spin on NMR: Rotor redesigned
  78. Proton conductors: NMR solidifies fuel cells
  79. Journal Highlight: Metabolic abnormalities of gastrointestinal mucosa in celiac disease: An in vitro proton NMR spectroscopy study
  80. Into the fold: Sensitivity-enhanced NMR
  81. Flu clue: NMR spectroscopy and 1918
  82. Journal Highlight: Membrane proteins in their native habitat as seen by solid-state NMR spectroscopy
  83. Chiral anomaly: An end to decades-long hunt
  84. Spin me right round: Ortho-Para water
  85. Journal Highlight: Environmental NMR – the early years
  86. NMR reveals cancer clue: p53 activity
  87. Journal Highlight: NMR data visualization, processing, and analysis on mobile devices
  88. I should OCCO: Spectral structure
  89. Postdoctoral Position at The Ohio State University
  90. MestReNova (Mnova Tablet) - Android Apps on Google Play
  91. Archimedean cuboctahedron: Structure
  92. NMR boost: Supercapacitors
  93. Journal Highlight: NMR-based approach to the analysis of radiopharmaceuticals: radiochemical purity, specific activity, and radioactive concentration values by proton and tritium NMR spectroscopy
  94. SpinDrops app
  95. Separation anxiety: Magnetic metal recycling
  96. Journal Highlight: NMR data visualization, processing, and analysis on mobile devices
  97. Hepatitis C Virus: NMR reveals replication essentials
  98. Rift Valley Virus: NMR clues
  99. Journal Highlight: Minimising research bottlenecks by decluttering NMR spectra
  100. Zinc deficiency:Hedgehog activation
  101. Harnessing insulation: Magnetic clue
  102. Hot magnets: Homing in on phonons
  103. Journal Highlight: 1H NMR spectroscopy of glioblastoma stem-like cells identifies alpha-aminoadipate as a marker of tumor aggressiveness
  104. Oily feedstock: NMR tests cosmetic raw materials
  105. Journal Highlight: Fertility-associated metabolites in bull seminal plasma and blood serum: 1H NMR analysis
  106. FAT10 to MAD2, do you copy? NMR clues to inflammatory cancer
  107. Hydrodynamic Radii of Native and Denatured Proteins
  108. Flu shot: NMR spectroscopy helps with model building
  109. NMR spectroscopic characterization of ms protein folding
  110. Using PFGSE NMR for Chemical Mixture Analysis
  111. nmrshiftdb2 - open nmr database on the web
  112. Mechanism of E-cadherin dimerization probed by NMR RD
  113. Millisecond protein folding studied by NMR spectroscopy.
  114. NMR study on acid induced CspA aggregation
  115. Narrowing of Protein NMR Spectral Lines Broadened by CE
  116. jsnmr
  117. free NMR software
  118. Journal Highlight: Nuclear magnetic resonance structure elucidation of peptide b2 ions
  119. Functionalised nanocarbons: Chrome-plated NMR spectroscopy
  120. NMR PGSE analysis of mixtures
  121. NMR Spectroscopic Characterization of ms Protein Folding
  122. NMR studies on acid induced aggregation of CspA
  123. Mechanism of E-cadherin dimerization probed by NMR RD-Supp
  124. Mechanism of E-cadherin dimerization probed by NMR RD
  125. Millisecond Protein Folding Studies by NMR Spectroscopy
  126. Narrowing of Protein NMR Spectral Lines Broadened by CE
  127. Full of beans: NMR spectroscopy confirms coffee
  128. Other side of the sheets: NMR battles bedbugs
  129. NMRFAM-SPARKY Video Tutorials - YouTube
  130. Hycud
  131. Journal Highlight: Examination of amber and related materials by NMR spectroscopy
  132. NMR spectroscopy rides in: Detects horse fat
  133. SpinDrops for ipad and iphones
  134. TechnionNMRlab - YouTube
  135. Equine ordure: NMR reveals fungal antibiotic
  136. Journal Highlight: On the tuning of high-resolution NMR probes
  137. Solid-state NMR joins IUCr
  138. Insecticidal fungi: Enzyme inhibitors extracted
  139. Journal Highlight: Aqueous and lipid nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomic profiles of the earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa show potential as an indicator species for environmental metabolomics
  140. Collagen connection: The sticky ends
  141. Protein complex: The matter of the heart
  142. Ponderosa-c/s
  143. Form
  144. AUTO-MUTE Home
  145. NMR of Liquid Crystals - MRC Special Issue
  146. Journal Highlight: Rapid assessment of the illegal presence of 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) in sports nutrition and dietary supplements using 1H NMR spectroscopy
  147. Dynamic sugars: Sweet approach to behaviour
  148. Planetary nano: Orbital system
  149. Journal Highlight: Aluminum incorporation in the C–S–H phase of white portland cement–metakaolin blends studied by 27Al and 29Si MAS NMR spectroscopy
  150. Terrestrial NMR: Extra
  151. Postdoctoral Position in Solid-State NMR, Texas T
  152. Postdoctoral Position in NMR/MRI
  153. Chemical rewiring: Nerve growth
  154. Journal Highlight: Color-discriminating retinal configurations of sensory rhodopsin I by photo-irradiation solid-state NMR spectroscopy
  155. Autoimmune mechanism: NMR and X-ray clues
  156. Multitasking protein: Nucleophosmin 1
  157. Cagey about water: NMR in a fullerene
  158. Journal Highlight: 1H NMR based metabolic profiling in Crohn's disease by random forest methodology
  159. PSYCHE NMR: High-resolution not all in the mind
  160. Journal Highlight: Quantitative 2D liquid-state NMR
  161. NIH Postdoctoral Position: Musculoskeletal MRI/NMR
  162. Xenon boost: Medical microfluidics
  163. Saucy solution: HIV antivirals
  164. Journal Highlight: Next-generation heteronuclear decoupling for high-field biomolecular NMR spectroscopy
  165. ProTherm search result
  166. Protein Folding Kinetics Database
  167. Protein Folding Database: Home
  168. Human herpes virus 4: No bar to understanding
  169. Inflammatory spectroscopy: Hearty biomarkers
  170. Predicting pre-eclampsia: NMR metabolomics
  171. Journal Highlight: NMR structures of fusion peptide from influenza hemagglutinin H3 subtype and its mutants
  172. Targeting PP1: NMR takes aim
  173. Journal Highlight: 1H and 13C NMR-based sugar profiling with chemometric analysis and antioxidant activity of herbhoneys and honeys
  174. Spaghetti virus: NMR clues to cancer-causing herpes
  175. Summary of Nuclear Properties
  176. HIV target: NMR revelations
  177. Pjnmr
  178. Journal Highlight: Why is inline NMR rarely used as industrial sensor? Challenges and opportunities
  179. Pseud's corner: NMR assesses pseudilins
  180. Alzheimer's disease: NMR pinpoints genetic clue
  181. No more falling foul: NMR reveals poultry target
  182. Journal Highlight: Investigation of the chemomarkers correlated with flower colour in different organs of Catharanthus roseus using NMR-based metabolomics
  183. Heart of the matter: NMR cardiac prognosis
  184. ANZMAG: James Keeler NMR lectures
  185. Nuts: Oh, hazelnuts
  186. Journal Highlight: Probing DNA mismatched and bulged structures by using 19F NMR spectroscopy and oligodeoxynucleotides with an 19F-labeled nucleobase
  187. No more falling foul: NMR reveals poultry target
  188. Journal Highlight: Automatic assignment of 1H-NMR spectra of small molecules
  189. Prune protection: NMR looks at pectins
  190. ROSTLAB bideos: Protein prediction
  191. Journal Highlight: Hydrothermal upgrading of algae paste: Application of 31P-NMR
  192. Natural synthetic: Analgesic unearthed
  193. protein atlas
  194. Salt-dependent and protein-concentration-dependent changes i
  195. New NMR cancer model: Tracking progress
  196. Ez-Assign
  197. Plant dynamics: NMR offers cellular clues
  198. Journal Highlight: Use of diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy and HPLC–UV–SPE–NMR to identify undeclared synthetic drugs in medicines illegally sold as phytotherapies
  199. Meteoric rise: NMR reflections
  200. DNA binding prediction
  201. Homeodomain Specificity Prediction
  202. Journal Highlight: 1H NMR metabolite fingerprinting as a new tool for body fluid identification in forensic science
  203. Pernicious problem: B12 stacks up
  204. Main Page - Proteopedia, life in 3D
  205. Colon cancer calculated: Metabolic profiling
  206. Journal Highlight: 3He NMR: from free gas to its encapsulation in fullerene
  207. Plague detector: Sweet solution
  208. Diffusion ordered nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  209. an paper about the cold denatured state of protein
  210. Magnetic insights: Playing the percentages
  211. Assigning*Proteins*Using*Sparky
  212. Dnp mas nmr
  213. dosy for a protein
  214. Animated NMR Tutorial
  215. Mathematica Demonstration of NMR Spectrum
  216. VNMRJ User Programming Manual
  217. Journal Highlight: Does aluminium bind to histidine? An NMR investigation of amyloid ?12 and amyloid ?16 fragments
  218. Liquid study: Reveals tuneable colours
  219. Chemistry App Craze
  220. Invisible touch: What's the matter?
  221. NMR Introduction Video Series
  222. Membrane proteins of known structure by nmr
  223. Casper
  224. Bayesian Analysis of Common NMR Problems
  225. rNMR: Open Source Software for NMR Data Analysis
  226. Talos-n
  227. NMRbot
  228. Guardd
  229. NMR technical manager position
  230. Journal Highlight: Assessment of higher order structure comparability in therapeutic proteins using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  231. Handheld cancer detection: Microfluidics meets NMR
  232. See what else NMR can do!
  233. Combined effort: Spectroscopic cancer clues under the microscope
  234. ProFunc
  235. MarkUs
  236. Protein Structure Determination using RDC
  237. Inside nmr magnet
  238. Site-Specific Spectroscopic Reporters
  239. 2D Ultrafast NMR Spectroscopy Explained - Part 1 - YouTube
  240. PrePPI
  241. DNA markers and disease: NMR and MS clues
  242. Journal Highlight: Utilizing NMR and EPR spectroscopy to probe the role of copper in prion diseases
  243. Panacea: Liquid grace or toxic snake oil?
  244. Journal Highlight: NMR quadrupole liouvillians for arbitrary spin: Exact symbolic expressions and perturbation solutions
  245. Mouthwash: An anticancer solution
  246. Heteronuclear Magnetization transfer
  247. Shimming an NMR Magnet
  248. Life-saving NMR: Septic shock
  249. Journal Highlight: Coupling of a high-resolution monoamine oxidase-A inhibitor assay and HPLC–SPE–NMR for advanced bioactivity profiling of plant extracts
  250. Indicator: Beat the Alzheimer's blues