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  1. List of Linux distributions that offer easy PyMol installation via a package manager
  2. Compiling and installing MolMol under Linux from Louic S. Vermeer blog
  3. Free alternatives to PyMol for Windows
  4. Structure Calculation Using CS-DP ROSETTA from NESG Wiki
  5. Theory
  6. NMR Sample Preparation from NESG Wiki
  7. Online help for measurement concentration by NMR
  8. Research Facilities in the USA
  9. NMR Groups in the USA
  10. refurbished nmr sites
  11. NMR job online resources
  12. NMR Commercial Companies
  13. Research Groups in the UK
  14. Organizations
  15. Journals
  16. Research Groups in Germany
  17. Research Groups in Canada
  18. Research Groups in Asia
  19. Theory
  20. Sample preparation
  21. Pulse programs
  22. NMR conferences
  23. Vendors
  24. Sites with NMR links
  25. Research Groups
  26. NMR Software
  27. NMR educational resources
  28. Molecular Modeling