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  1. waterLOGSY experiment
  2. Effect of DPC concentration on IDP NMR
  3. NMRpipe, bruk2pipe acquisition mode not corresponding?
  4. Too high automatic receiver gain value
  5. Monthly challenge: identify compound
  6. Quiz of the day: Can anyone identify this?
  7. 1H-15N HSQC, edited by a 1H inversion recovery and observed in the antiphase component (IR-HSQC-AP)
  8. Installation manual for Bruker Avance NMR? Any model
  9. quenched Bruker Avance 300 magnet recovery
  10. Labile proton assignment in DNA
  11. How to obtain a good COSY spectrum of a paramagnetic compound
  12. NOESY assignment of DNA Oligomer
  13. Integrating peaks in 2D NMR
  14. 33 S NMR of ethanethiol and dimethylsulfane
  15. Riddle: Gaps in the coverage of Journal of Biomolecular NMR by pubmed
  16. NMR Softwares
  17. Unequal quadrupolar splitting intensities
  18. 15N-NMR relaxation data of protein fitting with Modelfree anaylsis
  19. 3d NMR data processing on vnmr
  20. CBCANH experment on 700 vnmr
  21. setting up solid echo on bruker
  22. αH(i,i+1) NOEs in helical peptide, can this be present continuously...
  23. ROESY spin-lock power
  24. Peak shape in NMR
  25. Spinworks and MatNMR Inconsistencies
  26. NOESY signals and chi2 dihedral angle
  27. Decoupling, what modultaion frequency to use ?
  28. alignment in a magnetic field
  29. HNCB Triple Resonance Experiment (Varian)
  30. NMR for Gelatine (protein)
  31. H1-C13 T1 and T2 measurement Bruker
  32. NMR for a 30-residue peptide
  33. Sequential Assignment of Spin systems
  34. structure refinement after cyana
  35. Question about the accumulate time of the 5D spectrum?
  36. NMR linshape problem
  37. Asking about Deuterium NMR
  38. How to import NMR data to Origin software
  39. peak intensity vs number of scans
  40. looking for valerenic acid h nmr spectra
  41. the uninterruptible power supply
  42. seeking expertise
  43. NMR of a few billion (different) RNA molecules?
  44. Need help in CPMG
  45. ask for help
  46. HELP!!!!! Probe Needed
  47. protein structure calculation
  48. Peak height versus peak volume
  49. shimming
  50. Nmrd
  51. arginine side chain assignment pulse wanted
  52. static inhomogeneities
  53. Help!!Why does a deuterated protein behave even more poorly than the protonated one?
  54. Difference between Bruker and Varian machine
  55. 2H decoupling in gNhsqc
  56. chemical shift anisotropy (CSA) in model-free approach
  57. How to process ZQ evolution in the indirect dimension
  58. dipolar dephasing and T2
  59. automated backbone assignment
  60. problems with cbcaconh
  61. NMRView java redraw problem
  62. why radio frequency
  63. Technical consulting
  64. SOS!help,a handle get suched into the magnet bore
  65. Order tensor
  66. How do NMR tell the conformation of a molecule?
  67. Help with 1H NMR Spectra (Will Choose Best Answer)?
  68. NMR what is the resonance frequency of 1H nuclei if...?
  69. T1 and T2 of Mineral oil at 125MHz
  70. Chemistry question on NMR Spectroscopy?
  71. Can a chemist please help with NMR?
  72. A question about NMR spectroscopy delta?
  73. help with chemical shifts and NMR in Organic Chem?
  74. How can NMR be used to differentiate between the 2 nitration products?
  75. NMR question about chemical shifts and frequency difference between two lines?
  76. Chemical shifts in carbon atoms 13C?
  77. What does the he E in 1.03E + 3 Hz mean?
  78. What is meant by
  79. 31P chemical shift value of phosphorus acid?
  80. Hi guys I need to help to restate this small pragraph? Chemical shift?solid state physics?
  81. Chemical shift of protons?
  82. HNMR chemical shift characteristic?
  83. Proton Magnetic Res Spectrum Question?
  84. How can one determine quantity of an organic molecule by its NMR spectra?
  85. Can you please explain the meaning of splitting in a C-13 NMR spectra mean?
  86. What program can simulate a NMR spectrum for a given structure?
  87. Does NMR coupling happens between equivalent protons?
  88. Where do ketones and carboxylic acids show up on a proton NMR?
  89. How does cryogenic probes inprove NMR experiments?
  90. NMR of Naphthalene: why are the alpha-protons more downfield than the beta- protons?
  91. What is your opinion about the best software for process the NMR spectra?
  92. Why can't we simply use the earth's magnetic field to measure an NMR spectrum?
  93. Why does proton nmr splitting produce different sized peaks within the split?
  94. What are good solvents for NMR spectroscopy and why?
  95. How much does a NMR technician usually make?
  96. what is/ how do you calculate the chemical shift in an NMR?