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  1. Affymetrix Launches NG Classâ?˘ Detergents for Superior Protein Analysis - Business Wire (press release)
  2. Overproduction of 15N-labeled r-RGD-hirudin in pichia pastoris for NMR studies.
  3. Uniform isotope labeling of a eukaryotic seven-transmembrane helical protein in yeast enables high-resolution solid-state NMR studies in the lipid environment
  4. An economical method for producing stable-isotope labeled proteins by the E. coli cel
  5. Restriction Endonucleases tools
  6. Oligo design tools for gene synthesis
  7. Pf1 Phage
  8. Composite Alignment Media for the Measurement of Independent Sets of NMR Residual Dipolar Couplings
  9. Detect protein disorder to avoid wasting NMR time
  10. Optimisation of protein solubility for NMR
  11. If a protein really does not behave, try this one
  12. Breakthrough in protein production for NMR?
  13. Improving protein solubility & long-term stability