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  1. Basics of Mathematica to Understand POMA
  2. matNMR
  3. GeNMR - template-based structure generation from NMR data
  4. CS23D - generating protein structure from NMR chemical shifts and sequence homology
  5. RCI - Random Coil Index for predicting protein flexibility from chemical shifts
  6. SHIFTCOR: Protein Chemical Shift Re-referencing
  7. RefDB: Re-referenced Protein Chemical Shift Database
  8. SHIFTX2: Chemical Shift Prediction
  9. Anyone still using XEASY?
  10. CONNJUR - open source integration environment for biomolecular NMR data analysis
  11. Pulse length/power level calculator
  12. Pulse Width Calibrator
  13. iNMR 3.5.4 - Process/visualize Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectra. http://tinyurl.com
  14. MatNMR exporting data problem
  15. Cannot processe T1 data..."no region specific for intrng"?!
  16. peak intensity vs number of scans
  17. any NMR de-Pakeing program?
  18. How do I make ambiguous assignments in NMRView for Aria?
  19. what is the best program for assignment?
  20. Chemical shift prediction in random coil peptides
  21. NMRView Installation Woes
  22. Programs for simulation of lineshape change due to chemical exchange
  23. NvAssign: protein NMR spectral assignment with NMRView
  24. MathNMR: Mathematica package for spin and spatial tensor manipulations
  25. Dog ate SEASCAPE website but the program is there
  26. CCPN Analysis - a hybrid of Sparky, Ansing & more
  27. PECAN server - protein secondary structure via NMR
  28. PISTACHIO - autoassignment server for protein NMR
  29. MONTE: a program for automated NMR assignment
  30. New way to correct misreferenced chemical shifts
  31. No spontaneous blindness with matNMR anymore
  32. Not enough NMR time? Try Virtual NMR Spectrometer
  33. DYNAMICS, RELAXFIT & ROTDIF from Dr. Fushman group
  34. Mars - automatic backbone assignment of proteins
  35. CARA: a new program for NMR assignment